Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Brechtian Advise To Actors

  1. Rational, calm detachment,
  2. "The Brechtian style of acting is acting in quotations marks"
  3. The actor should not impersonate, but narrate actions of another person, as if quoting facial gesture and movement,
  4. As the audience is not to be allowed to identify with the character, so, too the actor is not to identify with the character they are portraying.
  5. Brecht agrees with Stanislavsky what, if the actor believes he is the character, the audience with also believe it, and share his emotions. But, unlike Stanislavsky, he does not wish this to happen.
  6. Rather than live or "be" the character, an actor must portray them - become a representation of that person.
  7. Bretch, in rehearsals, advised actors to speak in the third person, the past tense and even say the stage directions in order to help this.
  8. The play is cemented as not being real and the focus can move back to the message.

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